And Then There Were 3 

Workshop Series for Expectant Parents

How will a baby change your relationship? Research indicates 1/2 to 2/3 of couples

experience a sharp decline in relationship satisfaction in the first years of baby's

life! Sleep deprivation, increased responsibilities, and changing roles can sap your energy

and leave you feeling testy or frustrated with your partner. Conflict can tick up, intimacy can wane,

and for some couples, distance begins to grow where deep friendship once resided… 

The good news? We know what couples who thrive across this transition do differently!

"And Then There Were 3" is an abbreviated 2-part series adapted from the Gottman Institute's

Bringing Baby Home program (a 12-hour, research-based AND research-tested workshop) that

equips couples with critical insights and practical tools to make the transition to parenthood

with confidence. While hospitals and other community groups offer excellent classes on baby care

basics, breastfeeding, and CPR, few (if any) spend more than a few minutes explaining how babies

shake up relationships and what couples need to know to maintain high levels of relationship satisfaction

as they grow their family.

Couples will learn and practice proven tools to:

  • strengthen their friendship and connect meaningfully after baby
  • constructively manage stress and conflict
  • improve the way they communicate and compromise
  • identify postpartum anxiety, depression, and adjustment issues and respond appropriately
  • meet their child's emotional and psychological needs
  • develop co-parenting strategies and ensure quality involvement for both parents
  • create shared meaning and build a family legacy

This workshop is ideal for:

  • Couples trying to conceive or adopt
  • Couples pregnant with/expecting their first child (ideally second trimester, when you're feeling best!)

NOTE: Materials and snacks are included in the registration fee, and three early bird spaces are available

for each class. Please make arrangements for childcare if you prefer to attend after baby has arrived. This

will allow you and your partner to participate fully in the activities and discussions.    ​​

Eventbrite - And Then There Were 3: Workshop Series For Expectant Parents (April 27 + May 4) Eventbrite - And Then There Were 3: Workshop Series For Expectant Parents (Nov. 9 + 16)