Bringing Baby Home Program

Baby Proof Your Relationship!

How will a baby change your relationship? Research shows 1/2 to 2/3 of couples experience

a sharp decline in relationship satisfaction in the first years of baby's life. The good news?

We know what the thriving couples do differently! 

Bringing Baby Home is a 12-hour research-based AND research-tested program that equips 

couples with helpful insights and proven strategies to make the transition to a party of 3 as

smooth as possible. While hospitals and other community groups offer excellent classes on baby

care basics, breastfeeding, and CPR, few (if any) spend more than a few minutes explaining how

babies shake up relationships and what couples need to know to maintain high levels of

relationship satisfaction as they become a parenting power couple. 

During the program, couples learn how to:

  • strengthen their friendship and connect meaningfully after baby
  • constructively manage stress and conflict
  • improve the way they communicate and compromise
  • identify postpartum anxiety, depression, and adjustment issues and respond appropriately
  • reduce hostility and the incidence and/or severity of postpartum mood disorders
  • meet their children's emotional and psychological needs
  • develop co-parenting strategies and ensure quality involvement for both parents
  • create shared meaning and build a family legacy

Bringing Baby Home is ideal for:

  • Couples trying to conceive or adopt
  • Couples expecting a baby

NOTE: The program is currently offered in a private session format for couples. If you have a group interested in 1- or 2-hour mini sessions, or the full 12-hour workshop, please send an inquiry to discuss scheduling options and group discounts. Parenting Power Couples Series coming soon!