Private Sessions for Couples

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” -Ben Franklin

Marriage is a game changer, so I encourage couples to invest in the future of their relationship early,

BEFORE they hit rough patches. It's easier work then, and more fun! 


According to Prepare-Enrich, "Good premarital education can reduce the divorce rate by 30%." 

Both partners will take the Prepare-Enrich relationship assessment online prior to our first meeting. The

results show us your strengths as a couple, as well as the areas we can really dive into for growth. This

tailored approach means all of the topics and skills presented are relevant to your unique situation

and dynamics, giving you the most bang for your buck! Plus, as a Twogether in Texas provider, all

engaged couples completing the 8-hour premarital education program with me receive a certificate for $60 off the

cost of their Texas marriage license! 


Common Topics Include:

Communication  |  Conflict Resolution  |  Finances/Budgeting  |  Affection/Intimacy  |  Marriage Expectations  |  Relationship Roles  |  Personality Differences/Styles

*Private sessions are divided into 4, 2-hour meetings, usually one meeting per week for a month. Face-to-face sessions will be in Allen beginning in 2019. Skype or FaceTime sessions are also available for couples who are not local.

Disclaimer: All offerings are preventive and educational in nature, not therapeutic. They are not appropriate for couples in severe relationship distress, those experiencing emotional or verbal abuse or domestic violence, or those with active addictions, serial infidelity, or serious mental health concerns. If you have needs in one of the aforementioned areas, or others beyond the scope of my services, visit to search for a qualified therapist in your area, or contact me for a list of local counselors/therapists.


Selected Testimonials (read more on The Knot!):

"When I first learned I had to participate in pre-marital counseling; I fought it like a dog going to the vet. But like most arguments with my wife she ended up winning and thus I went along with it. Little did I know how truly helpful the sessions would be and will continue to be for our marriage. Kara’s practical approach to relationship building and tips have made us a lot stronger as a couple and empowered me to be a better husband to my wife. Our work with Kara helped us tackle some of the bigger issues (money, family planning, intimacy) that honestly no sane couple should address without some assistance. I look forward to participating in further workshops down the road with Kara as she really is that helpful. To the future husbands that are on the fence about working with Kara; my advice to is to do it. As it will pay dividends for years to come."

​"My fiancee and I took four personal marriage counseling sessions with Kara. I'd been looking forward to our counseling sessions for some time, as I expected they'd help to bring us closer. Our time with Kara did not disappoint! We learned skills, tips and tricks to help us through just about any situation or problem. On top of that, Kara expertly broke down some of the things that were keeping us from realizing our relationship's full potential with wonderful examples from her own relationship and from her studies. Kara is a great communicator, fun and personable. If we ever need a refresher on some of the points we learned, there's no

question that we will reach out to her. We'd highly recommend Kara's sessions to anyone!!"


"Kara helped us discover how each of us processes our thoughts and how to communicate more effectively with mutual respect and understanding. With her background as a mediator, it was the perfect combination of one-on-one attention with an objective mindset without being a traditional therapy session. Kara's creativity and welcoming nature allowed us to really discuss openly about our relationship. We will definitely come back for a 'check up' in the future." 

"Kara did an amazing job teaching us effective ways to communicate with each other! She was always happy to be meeting with us, and seemed really passionate about her job. I would definitely recommend her class!"

“Signing up for premarital counseling was one of the best decisions we have made before getting married. People often sign up for classes and workshops that positively impact their career, a hobby, etc. Why wouldn't we take a course, completely tailored to us, that would so positively impact our relationship? We learned more about each other and have taken away several great tools and strategies for communicating and maintaining our relationship. We loved Kara's style and would highly recommend her!” 

"Kara's class is amazing! My boyfriend and I did 4 individual sessions with her this summer, and we are SO grateful that we did. We have been dating for a little over 2 years and wanted to not only strengthen our relationship (not that we had relationship issues, but it never hurts!) but also wanted to prepare ourselves for the next step in our relationship. Kara is extremely personable, and her classes are very educational. She really does give you the tools you need for a successful relationship, and she does so in a fun and interactive setting. We truly enjoyed our sessions with Kara, and we definitely plan to attend more of her seminars going forward. Highly recommended!"